Strategic Plan Executive Summary

Urban Focus | Global Reach

Mission: We provide the high quality and relevant teaching, research and service needed to evolve public health practice in a changing world. By investigating the contemporary problems that challenge diverse urban communities, we are preparing the next generation of public health professionals to make a difference through leadership, scholarship and practice in Georgia communities and around the globe.

Vision: Our vision is to be a leading public health research institution dedicated to understanding and solving contemporary health problems. We are the destination of choice for students seeking an affordable and meaningful public health education.

Values: Integrity, accountability and transparency in our operations, scholarship and inquiry | Respect for all aspects of diversity | Health as a human right | Prioritizing health in all policy decisions | Sustainable healthy environments | Student success

Goals – FY 2017 through 2022


1. Exceed $20 million annually in sponsor-funded research.

2. Establish a new Center to promote interdisciplinary research and training around non-communicable diseases (NCD) and other contemporary global health problems.

3. Receive University-wide recognition for our ability to contribute to excellence in interdisciplinary research methodologies.

4. All junior tenure track faculty to obtain sponsored funding within their first three academic years of service—lead the University in career development awards.

5. Double the number of our peer-reviewed publications.


1. Attract and retain a diverse student body, staff, and faculty.

2. Successfully graduate 70% of our bachelor’s students within six years, 80% of our MPH students within four years, and 60% of our doctoral students within seven years.

3. Double the number of our online and hybrid course offerings.

4. Increase external support for graduate students by emphasizing training grants, student fellowships and graduate student support through our faculty’s grant-seeking activities.

5. Develop and offer a professional doctoral program (DrPH) and targeted executive education offerings for public health workers hoping to increase their knowledge and skills.


1. Promote and expand the involvement of faculty and staff in university, community-based and professional education projects so that service activities will be greater than 3 times the number of faculty.

2. Better recognize those who contribute to public health practice and education communities through service.

3. Offer at least 2 continuing education activities for the workforce each year, aligned with needs identified in our communities’ workforce.