Graduate Reentry Application

Application/Credential Deadlines

Fall: July 15
Spring: December 1
Summer: May 1

The Reentry Application is needed if you have not enrolled in degree-applicable classes for one academic year (three consecutive semesters). Graduate students may apply to reenter only to the graduate program(s) under which they were previously enrolled.

Application deadlines are sometimes extended provided there is space available. Contact the Office of Academic Assistance at 404-413-1452 or for further details.

The following items should be submitted to the Office of Academic Assistance.

Self-managed Application

The Office of Academic Assistance uses a self-managed application for admission to its graduate programs. This means that it is your responsibility to prepare or collect all credentials and submit them at one time to OAA.

We strongly suggest that you maintain your own records by keeping a copy of your application and other supporting materials.