Juris Doctor / Master of Public Health Dual Degree

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The JD/MPH enables you to earn both degrees in a shorter time than would be possible if you pursued each degree separately. Credit hours earned in one degree program satisfy some requirements of the other degree program. No credit hours for the MPH courses will be applied toward the JD requirements until you have completed the MPH. Similarly, no credit hours for the JD courses will be applied toward the MPH requirements until completion of the JD.

What can I do with a dual degree in law and public health?

  • Private law practices specializing in health care, pharmaceuticals, and food and drug policy
  • Legal counsel in federal, state, and local government agencies
  • Government affairs and advocacy
  • Research institutions and higher education
  • Non-profit organizations

Resources like the CDC’s Public Health Law Program, Network for Public Health Law, APHA Law Section, and the American Health Lawyers Association provide connections to similarly trained individuals throughout the country through conferences, training, and networking. Read more information in the findings from the Network for Public Health Law’s interactive tool.

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