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Interested in studying abroad for public health? Check out some of the exciting opportunities we offer:


Summer 2017

Brazil – Maymester 2017 : This program will provide an educational and cultural opportunity for 10-15 graduate students interested in global public health research with a focus on collective health, health promotion and epidemiology as conducted in Salvador, Brazil. For more information or to apply, click here.

Uganda – Maymester 2017 Students will study a variety of public health issues, engage in community-based research, provide support to local organizations and experience the culture and natural beauty of Uganda. For more information or to apply, click here.

Israel – Summer 2017This approved student exchange program offers 12 graduate credit hours in eight weeks, and internship sites offer students the chance to work in their field of study while creating connections with Israeli health professionals. To request more information about the Israel exchange program, click here.


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Uganda 2016

Uganda Blog 1 Uganda Blog 2

In May 2016, students from the School of Public Health traveled to Kampala, Uganda, to learn about the global epidemiology of alcohol use and alcohol-related harm, particularly among young people living in the city’s slums. Their three-week course included visiting a rural village, meeting with organziatons working in alcohol abuse prevention and spotting wildlife during a daylong safari.

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Brazil 2016

Brazil Blog 5 Brazil blog 4

In May 2016, students from the School of Public Health visited Salvador, Bahia, Brazil to learn about global public health issues facing the country, including the Zika virus outbreak and the related issue of microcephaly. Students also spent time learning about Afro-Brazilian culture and took in the natural beauty of Bahia with a visit to Lençois.

Read the student blog: Salvador and Bahia, Brazil | May 2016  

China 2015


In July 2015, students from the School of Public Health and the Department of Geosciences visited Shanghai, China. Their two-week course put them in the classroom and community, side by side with Chinese students from top-ranked Fudan University. The program focused on the use of mapping technology to study public health challenges in China.

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Brazil 2015

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In May 2015, the School of Public Health study abroad program visited Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. This experience included academic lectures at the Institute of Collective Health apart of the Federal University of Bahia. Students learned about health disparities, social determinants of health, historical and cultural aspects of life in Salvador and the country’s universal health care system.

Read the student blog: Salvador and Bahia, Brazil | May 2015