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The School of Public Health Technology Services Help Desk’s purpose is to provide better support for you when you our assistance. The more information we can get from you, the faster we can help you. When calling for assistance, please provide the following information:

Be specific about the problem. Is it occurring in one program, or in all programs? Does the computer turn on and then not log onto the network? Can other people in your department run this program? Does the program run, but you cannot open a specific document or documents?

  • Copy and report to us any error messages you have received.
  • Were you logged into the network when you experienced the problem?
  • What were you trying to do when the problem occurred? Has anything changed on your system hardware or software?
  • Will the person who experienced the problem be available to show us the problem and then verify that it has been fixed?
  • Did you try turning the computer completely off then re-starting it?