Grants & Contracts

Brenda MarlowBrenda Marlow, Grants and Contracts Officer III
Email: | Phone: 404-413-1348

The Pre-Award Grants and Contracts Office for the School of Public Health supports investigators who wish to apply for grant and contract research funding, as well as other services that principal investigators or staff need to apply for available grants. We help determine eligibility for grants and awards and develop the proposals needed to compete for them. We'll also oversee budget development and help prepare any documentation required by a proposal.

Navigating the requirements of government agencies, foundations and private donors, the Pre-Award staff helps investigators craft and hone applications to meet the complex and varied needs of specific funders. We work closely with the School of Public Health Post-Award staff and with the University Research Services and Administration (URSA) to ensure that each application, and the management of each grant award, meets the rigorous standards of both funding agencies and Georgia State University.

Our Services

  • Proposal development
  • Grant eligibility determination
  • Guidance on NIH and funder compliance
  • Budget development
  • Application submission via OSPA
  • Response to NIH JIT (Just-In-Time) requests
  • Subaward application support and subcontract execution
  • Interface with University Research Services and Administration on all aspects of grant management
Q: I would like to submit a proposal for a grant or contract. What is the process?

A: Step 1: Make sure you are eligible. Check here.

Step 2: Complete the SPH intent to submit form and email it to Brenda Marlow.

Step 3: Set up a meeting with the Pre-Awards Grants & Contracts Officer to discuss your proposal preparation by calling 404-413-1348 or by email.

Important forms:

Q: What is the difference between a Subcontract and a Consultant?

A: Subcontracts vs Consultants

Q: How do I proceed?

A: Submitting a proposal efficiently requires that the PI do the following:

  1. Send a copy of the award notice and budget justification to the Pre-Award Grants and Contracts Officer in order to complete a budget draft.
  2. Understand the sponsor's restrictions on costs and discuss them with the Grants and Contracts Officer.
  3. Make sure F&A and fringe cost rates are being accurately charged against the direct cost budget.
  4. Make sure subawards are disclosed on the "Intent to submit" form.
  5. Discuss with the PI any special award requirements. For example, the award may have been made on a fixed-price basis or may specify special deliverables or the dates are outside the standard due dates.
  6. Discuss all key personnel with the Grants and Contracts Officer.

Tamera WallsTamera Walls, Grants and Contracts Officer III
Email: | Phone: 404-413-2348




  • Investigate and resolve issues presented by Principal Investigators (PI)
  • Verify allowable charges on projects
  • Review all budget expenditures to ensure compliance
  • Approve project expenses versus budget in Panther Mart
  • Distribute monthly financial report to faculty and staff
  • Analyze financial reports to ensure compliance with sponsors and address need for budget revision
  • Provide Expenditure Review support and assist PI’s in understanding the financial reports
  • Adjust and or correct sponsored project budgets
  • Create Cost Transfers for expenses not allowed on projects
  • Forecast spending
  • Create / Initiate Prior Period Adjustments
  • Request residual funds transfer
  • Ensure invoices are processed

As back up:

  • No Cost Extensions
  • Initiate and approve ePAF for personnel

  • Initiates ePAF
  • Process payment requests/reimbursements – consultants and subawardees
  • Assist with project close-outs
  • Amendments to existing consultant agreements
  • Adjusting and correcting project budgets
  • Maintain records and files for sponsor funding
  • Financial audits and cost transfer