Helpful SOPHAS Tips

Please view the following information and web links to help give you guidance during the SOPHAS application process.

The SOPHAS application cycle for students wishing to start on their graduate degrees in January 2018 is open.
**Applications for the Fall 2018 Master of Public Health program will open in SOPHAS on or after Dec. 1, 2017.


Applications not submitted with payment is considered “In-Progress”. Your application has not yet been e-submitted to SOPHAS. Depending on what documents SOPHAS has already received, e-submitting will move your application from an “In-Progress” status to a “Received > Awaiting Materials” status or a “Materials Received (Complete) > Verifying” status. E-submitting does NOT mean your application is being submitted to your public health schools and programs.

You should e-submit as soon as you have completed your application. Do not wait for letters of recommendation, official test scores or transcripts to arrive.

E-submitting as early as you are able will expedite the processing of your application. However, once submitted no additional changes can be made (although you may add additional designations).

You will need to submit ALL of the following items directly through SOPHAS in order for your MPH or PhD application to be considered complete and ready for review. (Please do not submit these documents to the School of Public Health.)
• Personal Statement
• CV/Resume
• Official Transcripts (from all previously attended institutions)
• Three References
• Entrance Exam Scores – GRE, GMAT, or MCAT
• TOEFL – (for applicants whose native language is not English)

Transcripts and References are Not Required to E-Submit: You may e-submit your application at any time once the required information has been filled out on the online application, regardless as to whether or not your transcripts and letters of reference have been received by SOPHAS. Please note, however, that SOPHAS will NOT begin to review your application until all of your transcripts, payments, and two out of your three letters of reference have also been received, which will “complete” your application. Once your application becomes complete, it will be placed in line for verification.

How to send a transcript to SOPHAS:

No Changes Allowed After Your E-Submit: Once you e-submit your application, your SOPHAS application is locked and you may NOT make changes to it. The only sections you may change after submitting are: your contact information, your password and security information, references which have a status of “new” or “in-progress” and you may add additional schools to apply to. You may also add NEW experiences, achievements, and test scores, but you can NOT edit those already entered. All other sections will be read-only. Make sure you check over your application information closely before e-submitting to avoid any errors as these cannot be corrected later.

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute (Literally): You are able to submit your application up until 11:59 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME on the deadline date. Please note your submission is NOT recorded when you click the E-SUBMIT button. Instead, there are several screens which must be completed including entering payment information, and your submission is only recorded at the end of this process. If you press e-submit at 11:58 and get through the final screen at 12:00, the submission will NOT go through. In addition, times close to deadlines have a high volume of applicants submitting which can cause delays in loading these pages, and if you encounter an issue, SOPHAS customer service is not available to help you during these times, and SOPHAS CANNOT GRANT YOU A DEADLINE EXTENSION OR HELP YOU TO SUBMIT LATER IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG!

It is the applicant’s responsibility to monitor the status of their application and application materials on a regular basis, and to follow up with SOPHAS on any incomplete or undelivered statues, and on any incomplete or missing documents.

SOPHAS Application Stages
Received / Awaiting Materials: Your application has been e-submitted and fees have been paid, but you are still missing transcripts or letters of recommendation which are required to become complete.
Materials Received / Verifying: Your application is complete and in line for verification.
Complete Date: The date your application was completed and went in line for verification. Applications are placed in line in chronological order based on their complete date. This information is not displayed on the 3.0 application, but you can contact SOPHAS to determine your complete date.
Undelivered: An error has been found and your application has been returned to you for correction. It must be re-submitted to SOPHAS in order to be processed.
Verified: Your application has been processed and your GPA has been calculated. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and notification to you application message inbox that your application was verified.

If you require assistance with your application, SOPHAS representatives are happy to answer questions pertaining to the SOPHAS application process. Please review all Instructions and FAQs prior to contacting SOPHAS, as many common questions are answered by these instructions.

Customer Service Phone: (617) 612-2090 Open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST.
Customer Service E-Mail: